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Sooo this is the awkward part where I have to talk about myself.. all right, here it is:

My name is Carly Topazio, I'm a lefty, I eat my weight in fruit every day, my ability to fall asleep is a talent, I originally hail from Boston, and I have been shooting in San Diego for the past 5 years. I am a multidisciplinary artist; I do freelance photography, while also dancing full time as a company member for the City Ballet of San Diego. I guess what I really am is stubborn. I have two incredible passions in life, and they are dance and photography. So naturally, I want to do those two things all day every day... sometimes at the same time (yes sometimes I dance behind the camera... I can't help it when we get a good shot!). 

I have been dancing since I could walk, and landed my first professional contract when I was 18. My career in ballet, or rather a movement art in general, has nurtured my photography and trained my eye to focus on the finer details. 

I am a portrait photographer, but I shoot dance and movement, as well as weddings, engagements, and connections. I love to shoot the real, raw, messy, and beautiful. I am a freelance photographer, and also the resident photographer for City Ballet of San Diego. 

My aim is to bridge the gap between ordinary and exceptional with every photograph I take and have an amazing time while doing it! I go for timeless, understated elegance, while still saving room to get creative and edgy! Trends come and go, but overly stylized images can quickly become dated. I shoot the feeling of each particular session so that my photographs will still hold their power for years to come.

Some of my clients include Rising Arts Leaders of San Diego, Angie's Pilates Haus, The Rosin Box Project,  City Ballet of San Diego, Lululemon, Spirit Yoga Studios, Qualcomm, Tin Roof: A Live Music Joint, Sol Y Luna, Fitfit Active Wear, Nadeshiko Designs, Integrative Om.

Photo Compliments of Alvin Mitchell